Tattoo Lettering Designs

Tattoo Lettering Designs

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Just as computers have various font styles, sizes and colors, tattoo lettering is no different. Many individuals prefer to have more than just an image with their tattoo. In fact, many opt for having the name of their spouse or other specific wording applied with tattoo lettering designs.

A combination of numbers and/or letters, tattoo lettering design can be applied in almost any color and in a variety of styles and sizes. It is important to remember that tattoo lettering designs must be large enough to read comfortably or it may lose it's appeal. Often arched above or below an image, tattoo lettering adds a personalized touch to any tattoo. An example would be a man who wishes to have his wife's name tattooed on his upper arm. A heart could be tattooed first, which would then be accompanied by her name spelled out in tattoo lettering either above or below the heart. This is a very common tattoo lettering design for many male customers.

Female tattoo seekers may prefer tattoo lettering designs alone, which may spell out certain words that they feel expresses their personality or traits. An example would be the word 'sexy' or 'diva' being tattooed on the lower back, which are both very popular requests when it comes to tattoo lettering designs.

The best way to approach a request for tattoo lettering is to speak with the tattoo artist that is selected for the job. He/she will be able to provide font samples and explain the actual size of the tattoo. It is recommended that individuals choose their tattoo lettering design carefully so that it will not be too thick and blurry or too small to read. A slim tattoo lettering design in block or script style is often the most popular, with other fonts often being difficult to read.

Before the purchase or application of tattoo lettering designs, an individual should make sure that the artist is properly trained and licensed to produce a safe and quality tattoo. Any tattoo, including tattoo lettering designs, is not to be applied by an amateur or anyone who has not been properly trained in the handling and sterilization of tattoo equipment. If you have any questions about the safety of your tattoo, be sure to ask the artist who applies it. He/she will bandage the site of the tattoo and provide you with instructions on how to avoid infection and general care for the site until it has completely healed.
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