Foot Tattoos Designs

Foot Tattoos Designs

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In general, foot tattoos are most commonly found on women. They can range anywhere from a four-leaf clover and a rose to a heart or a butterfly. Any symbol that is small enough to be applied to the foot can be used as foot tattoos.

There are many benefits to choosing foot tattoos, including the fact that they are small and therefore less expensive. A quality tattoo can be very expensive, especially if they are large, and the minimal scale of foot tattoos often help to keep them one of the more affordable possibilities.

As is the case with any type of tattoo, color is the key. You will want to select a design that is both colorful and meaningful at the same time. While some tattoos are black and white, others have vibrant colorations that help them to stand out. In addition to the aforementioned popular choices for foot tattoos, some women opt for having a toe ring tattooed on one of their toes or an anklet-style tattoo affixed around their ankle. On the upside, these take the place of ever having to wear jewelry to dress up the ankle or toes and will always be the perfect size.

When choosing foot tattoos, it's best to select from images that show your design of choice and may include real life photos, books and/or calendars. Wildlife images, such as butterflies, are easily found. In addition, roses are readily viewable in gardening magazines and online photo galleries. Sun, moon and star designs are also popular choices for foot tattoos and images are easily found on each of these designs. If all else fails, the tattoo parlor will have image samples that they can provide to give you an idea of what type of foot tattoos that you want. The only drawback to this approach is that you will be choosing from the same designs as everyone else, which often results in a tattoo that is not completely unique. In order to avoid this from happening, it's a good idea to locate your own image and take it to the tattoo artist for his/her evaluation as to whether or not the image can be recreated as a tattoo.

Before the purchase or application of foot tattoos, an individual should make sure that the artist is properly trained and licensed to produce a safe and quality tattoo. Any tattoo, including foot tattoos, is not to be applied by an amateur or anyone who has not been properly trained in the handling and sterilization of tattoo equipment. If you have any questions about the safety of your tattoo, be sure to ask the artist who applies it. He/she will bandage the site of the tattoo and provide you with instructions on how to avoid infection and general care for the site until it has completely healed.
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