Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

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A dragonfly is an insect with large multi-faceted eyes, two strong pair of transparent wings and an elongated body. Though many do not understand their exact purpose, dragonflies are quite beneficial to humans in that they help to control the population of mosquitoes and other harmful insects. Dragonflies do not sting or bite humans and, as such, are much appreciated by those who understand their purpose. Many people opt for dragonfly tattoo designs because they are unique, they like the water or even because they are a symbol of flight.

Winged insects are often popular among tattoo lovers because they represent flight and the concept of a new start or beginning. An example would be someone who leaves home in the hopes of achieving a goal, thereby using their newly found wings to fly.

Because of their unique eye structure, dragonflies have very good eyesight. Perhaps an individual would choose dragonfly tattoo designs to represent their ability to see things clearly or maybe a new vision in life. Most tattoo parlors have image samples of tattoos that they can apply, which may or may not include dragonfly tattoos designs. If the tattoo artist does not have a sample image or if an individual wishes to have more creative control over their tattoo, they can research real life photographs of dragonflies. This can best be achieved through online photo galleries, encyclopedias and/or insect books. When the individual finds an image that he/she likes and wishes to have tattooed on their body, they can take the photo to their tattoo artist and inquire as to whether or not it can be recreated as a tattoo.

Dragonfly tattoo designs can be either large or small and, as such, can be conveniently placed almost anywhere on the body. This includes the neck, back, shoulder, arm, leg, ankle, etc. Women commonly prefer dragonfly tattoo designs to be placed on their shoulder, lower back or ankle. Men, on the other hand, may prefer a larger image and often prefer placement on the upper arm, back and/or chest.

Before the purchase or application of dragonfly tattoos, an individual should make sure that the artist is properly trained and licensed to produce a safe and quality tattoo. Any tattoo, including dragonfly tattoos, is not to be applied by an amateur or anyone who has not been properly trained in the handling and sterilization of tattoo equipment. If you have any questions about the safety of your tattoo, be sure to ask the artist who applies it. He/she will bandage the site of the tattoo and provide you with instructions on how to avoid infection and general care for the site until it has completely healed.
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