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Tattoos can be done in a wide variety of designs. With butterfly tattoos being one of the most popular, more and more people are finding the perfect mix between their fascination with one of nature's most colorful creatures and an artistic expression. For every type of butterfly, there are even more designs for butterfly tattoos. From the tiniest of image to the big and bold, butterfly tattoos can be customized to the desire of the customer.

Because of the variety of actual butterflies and their distinct colorations, it can take some time to select from the large number of available butterfly tattoos. The best approach is to study real life photos as opposed to solely browsing through images of butterfly tattoos. Actual photos can be found in a variety of ways, including online image galleries, wildlife magazines, encyclopedias and photography books/calendars. If you do your homework and learn all about the different types of butterflies, your knowledge will be captivating to all those that you choose to show your new tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos can symbolize so many things. Because of their outstretched wings, perhaps butterfly tattoos would indicate the spreading of your wings as you embark on an adventure. For others, butterfly tattoos may symbolize a new beginning or the start of a new life. Like all butterflies who emerge from a cocoon, we all have new beginnings and are often comforted by the thought that we are not alone in our fears. An image can mean whatever you want it to mean, including the simplicity of just being pretty and colorful.

Because butterflies are unique and very colorful, they make terrific tattoos. They are both feminine and represent just how fragile life can truly be. Typically, butterfly tattoos are mostly requested by females. The shoulder, lower back and ankle are the most popular locations for these colorful creations.

Before the purchase or application of butterfly tattoos, an individual should make sure that the artist is properly trained and licensed to produce a safe and quality tattoo. Any tattoo is not to be applied by an amateur or anyone who has not been properly trained in the handling and sterilization of tattoo equipment. If you have any questions about the safety of your tattoo, be sure to ask the artist who applies it. He/she will bandage the site of the tattoo and provide you with instructions on how to avoid infection and general care for the site until it has completely healed.
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