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Q: Are Aztec tattoos more expensive than other kinds?
A: Not necessarily. Just because a specific tattoo is more rare than others does not mean that it will be more expensive to apply. The actual rates are more likely to be based on the size and complexity of the design rather than it's popularity.

Q: If my tattoo artist does not have any samples of Aztec tattoos, is there any other way to find images that can be used?
A: Yes, individuals are often encouraged to research images that pertain to their tattoo choice. Individuals of Aztec heritage may wish to select a symbol from ancient cultures or may find the perfect image by researching real life photos. Once the design is selected, it can be taken to the tattoo artist so that he/she can evaluate it's potential for being recreated in the form of an actual tattoo.

Q: I don't have a lot of money to spend on a tattoo. My friend has a kit and promises to give me a good deal. Is this safe?
A: No. Before the purchase or application of Aztec tattoos, an individual should make sure that the artist is properly trained and licensed to produce a safe and quality tattoo. Any tattoo, including Aztec tattoos, is not to be applied by an amateur or anyone who has not been properly trained in the handling and sterilization of tattoo equipment.

Q: I have an appointment with the tattoo parlor, but have recently been under the weather. Is it still OK for me to go ahead with my plans on getting the tattoo?
A: It is not recommended that anyone get a tattoo unless they are feeling well. The body will need it's strength during the healing process and may be depleted if your immune system is low. In addition, a weak immune system may make an individual more susceptible to infection. Do yourself a favor and cancel the appointment. You can reschedule when you are feeling well again.

Q: I recently had several Aztec tattoos applied. Can I still get a tan?
A: The UV rays from either the sun or a tanning bed can be very damaging to any tattoo, including Aztec tattoos. As a result, they often fade or become inappreciable. The best thing to do is to avoid the temptation of being out in the sun or, at the very least, make sure to cover the site of your tattoo.
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